Wonderful person, wonderful gift!

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I have know Jenn for over 20 years. We have been wonderful friends. Once I found out about Jenn’s gift I had so many things I wanted to share with her that had personally happened to me. Our conversation was so wonderful. Things she told me about my life was more of a confirmation. More of you are not crazy. When I was 12 my mother passed away. My right ear rings here and there and I always thought that is my mom checking. I had NEVER told anyone about it. Just never thought to say anything and really it was my own personal connection to my mom. There is Jennifer sitting across from me telling me about how people’s ears ring when there is an angle or an individual passed checking in. I was like Ok I was right.

She is a caring person. Her job in life to to steer people on the path they are meant to be on. If you have a chance to meet and chat with her you will be happy you did so. She is a wonderful person and has a wonderful gift! You might just find a new awesome friend.

Mercedes W.

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