Awakening Into Love

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Welcome to my new blog, Shared Wisdom!  I am honored to have a space in the cyber reality to share my experiences and in that sharing be able to connect more fully with myself and you!  Thanks for reading!

In setting out to create a blog called “Shared Wisdom” I began to realize that the name itself carries weight.  Sharing Wisdom is different than sharing ideas or even sharing thoughts.  Wisdom is a natural creation of intentional living, or unintentional mishaps and bafoonery.  Let’s face it, some of our wisest moments come from walking blindly into situations and slipping through by the seat of our pants!  In other words, wisdom is not something we set out to create.  It creates us.  And so to share wisdom is to create an opening or invitation to look deeper for what “is” regardless of how you get there.

I look forward to sharing with you as we travel together during these most magnificent of times!





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