To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question

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One week ago was December 12, 2012 and if you were paying attention, there was much-a-do about this day. Depending on your perspective and reality, it was a day like any other day or a day unlike any other day. Both are true. The upcoming December 21 date may be, like December 12, either a much anticipated life transforming opportunity or another date to mark off on the calendar. Both are true.

I chuckle at the hubbub surrounding December 21 and the stories told about what will happen and not happen. Spiritualists, mystics, movie producers, comics, the everyday person on the street have created and live into their own reality about what internal and external shifts will take place. December 21, 2012 has become a living entity upon which to speculate and project the coming ascension, or destruction, or whatever other idea or mental construct we create. It has become a conversation about the end of time, rebirth into something new, the destruction of existing structures, the end to poverty, and so on and so forth.  All are true because we believe it to be so.

I spent most of the day on December 12 in meditation and stillness. I was curious to experience for myself the nature of the day. What was present in the stillness of Being was a simple and profound a-ha. December 12 was like any other day, an invitation to be still and notice what life is like inside.  There was no profound shift in my awareness or lightening bolt moments of awakening.  I was not aligning with life in a different way or activating myself to be One with the Ascension.  I was being still and slowing down my life to one single moment, and then the next moment, and next.  It was beautiful.

We are invited by Love to descend into the present moment, breathe in that moment, and say hello to life as it is right now. That is enlightenment. Presence of the moment is the Beingness we are anticipating and curious to discover. I believe that the stillness in the moment is the end of literal time and the destruction of “the world” inside the mind and the outer reality we live into. Enlightenment and the New World radiates from inside whenever we move into oneness with what is, right now.  The Love available to us is not in a date out in space somewhere. The New World is not waiting for us around the corner on December 22. It is a living force of Beingness with life as it is. We have already arrived and are already ascended into the New World, the New Reality of Love.

Be still and notice aliveness in life. Walk in nature and notice how still and magically alive wild places are.  Stillness collapses problems into nothingness and allows a new atmosphere to breathe into. My invitation is to live today as December 21, 2012. Don’t wait for an event to begin living free from the “story” of your life. The rebirth into Love is a field of energy that surrounds you always and in all ways.

“To Be or Not To Be”, that IS the question.

In Great Love,

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