Divine Troublemaker

Divine Troublemaker

The way of a divine troublemaker is to provoke; to speak the unspeakable; and to be totally irreverent to anything that is not the embodiment of the holiness that is You.

Anyone can call themselves a divine troublemaker by daring to be undefended and passionate in life full of possibility.  Divine troublemakers embody a peaceful and unquestionable confidence that literally charges the air around them with creativity and loving rebellion.  You are that same possibility!  It is your divine right to speak the truth, create your heart’s desire, confront the places you want to change, and defy a conventional life.


The Ones who have come before us, who live within us, and will create our futures demand that we come out of our shells of conditioning and Be our own saviors.

I call myself a divine troublemaker because it is the way of the natural human to awaken into the possibility of what is.  I stand for a life of transparency and the Love available within us.  When a sacred space is created to be mischevious and dangerous, you open into the journey of life and experience it.  You can look clearly and honestly at where you are designing anything less than your fullest and most awakened life.

The time is now to be nothing less than wild and free!